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Les Hughes Rugby League fields

Bray Park, Queensland

Area: 15,000m2

Below is the process we follow to ensure a great outcome for all:

  1. WHS documentation including Work Method Statement, Site Specific Safety Plan, Construction Schedule
  2. Service location before commencing any works, DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG
  3. Site establishment and construction fencing to surround site
  4. Soil tests and soil amendments applied
  5. Supplied and install a temporary irrigation system to the fields
  6. Installation of temporary irrigation system installed and tested priori to tufing
  7. Supplied and apply soil conditioner, RRA Organics
  8. Blecavate 3 passes
  9. Laser Level Field and Final Trim
  10. Supplied and Install certified and inspected 15,000 sqm Wintergreen turf
  11. Supplied and apply Ronstar and starter fertiliser
  12. Supplied and apply pesticide
  13. Supplied and apply controlled release fertiliser
  14. 1st mow and Sweep
  15. 2nd Mow, Sweep and Topdressing 10mm 16 3rd Mow and Sweep
  16. 4th Mow, Sweep
  17. 5th Mow Sweep and Topdressing 10mm
  18. Maintenance of field for 13 week included temporary fence line, mowing and whippering
  19. Line marking
  20. At time of handover we had to ensure less than 1% weeds are present in the playing surface
  21. Duringturfmaintenanceperiod we had to guarantee 100% coverage and establishment of turf
  22. We had to provide “As Constructed Drawings” to be provided to the MBRC representative
  23. Leave the field in a condition ready for use upon completion of the project

4 Days after the turf was installed

After surveying the site and working with the lay of the land, the above designed was proposed as the best solution for the playing surface.

Shaping the fields to design with a machine control GPS low ground pressure dozer

Turf being harvested for the field 15,000 sqm in 3 days.