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Sir Walter

Premium Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf.

13.50 AUD /m2

Looking for a durable turf that looks beautiful and tolerates shade and sun? We have the answer.

Sir Walter is a Soft Leaf Buffalo turf it thrives here in Queensland

Its broad leaves are soft to touch while maintaining their durability. In fact, this grass is perfect for high traffic areas like parks and lawns because its density makes it difficult to damage!

This versatile grass has a deep green color and tolerates shady and sunny areas. This is an excellent choice for a lawn, with few needs other than weekly mowing. Its dense mat prevents most weeds, plus it requires minimal watering and fertilizer. It’s the ideal choice for homeowners in the QLD Climate that want a gorgeous lawn they can use!


  • Soft leaf buffalo grass that feels wonderful underfoot and holds up to wear and tear
  • Shade tolerant lawn that only needs regular mowing to stay fresh and beautiful
  • Practical choice that grows great in South East Queensland in many conditions


  • Shade tolerant
  • Broad Leaf
  • Deep Green Colour
  • Hard Wearing
  • Fast growing runners for self repair

Order Sir Walter

13.50 AUD


enter your quantity, min is 50m2