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Lawn & Turf Services

Commercial and Sports Turf Construction

We can look after all or just individual stages of Turf construction which may include: Consulting, Sub grade preparation, GPS or Laser levelling, drainage systems, cultivation, amendments, growing medium supply and placement, supply and installation of turf, and maintenance.

All are aimed at providing the desired outcome of the project.

Home Lawn Preparation and Turf Installation

Lawn Preparation is a key aspect of the new turf installation. It involves spraying out and removal of all weeds and old grasses from the lawn, excavation and removal of any rubble and debris, bringing in the required top soil, and levelling and grading the area for the drainage requirements, and spreading fertiliser and water crystals before the installation of the turf.

The turf installation process begins with laying the turf like a brick work pattern. Water has to be applied to it immediately. Monitor the water level for two weeks, making sure the roots stays moist.

  • Mowing
  • Fertilising
  • Pest Control
  • Weed Control
  • Turf Renovation
  • Turf Re-enforcement Systems
  • Aeration/Verti-draining
  • Turf Planting/Stolonizing
  • Washed Turf
  • Sports Turf Drainage Systems
  • Big Rolls
  • Any Turf Projects
  • Slit Drainage
  • Sports Turf Drainage
  • Sand Slits
  • GPS 3d shaping of sports-fields and golf courses
  • Blecavating
  • Growing medium reinforcement fibres
  • Drainage