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Talobila Base baseball fields

Redcliffe, Queensland

Area: 15,000m2

Hanceys Turf was contracted to Rebuild 2 Baseball fields through MBRC at Talobilla Park, Redcliffe.

The works covered below show what was involved in the project:

Site Setup
Initial Site setup works we engaged the following prior to any machinery onsite.

  • Set out of works
  • DBYD plans
  • Location of existing services using cable locator
  • Pot holing for verification
  • Engage site specific safety plans
  • Safety signage and equipment
  • Establish and maintain environmental protection devices for the duration of works (including environmental plan)
  • Allowance for bank guarantees and insurances
Prepare 15,000m2 on both fields
Next step in the process was the Surface Preparation and Cultivation:

  • Total kill herbicide 2 applications 7 days apart
  • Blecavator to 100mm depth x 3 directions
  • Import premium topsoil blend TS8000P.B in truck and dog loads
  • Laser Level to achieve 1% fall
  • Supply and Apply Amendmax X—Change 150-OM Soil Conditioner
  • Final Trim and Brush Surface for placement of turf
Turf Installation — 15,000m2 on both fields
Once the site was prepared, we would then be ready for the turf installation. The turf was purposely grown and inspected at our turf farm at Woodford. We would harvest and install the turf on the same day to allow for minimal stress on the turf.

  • Supply and lay Wintergreen couch Turf
  • Turf supplied in slabs
  • Turf supplied on sandy loam growing medium
  • Smooth Roll in 2 directions
  • Supply and apply Oxamax herbicide plus fertilizer 18-10-19 at 340kg/Ha
  • Turf treated with Accelepryn 1 week prior to harvest
Maintenance — 8 weeks
After the turfing had been done the maintenance period works would start.

  • Mowing during establishment and brush cut fence lines
  • Top Dress with TS2000 at Approximately 10mm Cover
  • Fertilise with Slow Release Fertiliser — Sports Turf Classic Starter 18-10-19 at 200kg/Ha
  • Weed and pest management applications

Prepared area ready laser graded at 1% ready for turf installation

Irrigation on immediately that turf is installed in sections.
Please note Irrigation was done by Project Irrigation which was part of another project all together and not under us.

First batch of turf starting to be harvested for Talobilla Baseball Fields

Turf Harvesting

Final Day of Turf install on Main field