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Harmony Sports fields

Palmview, Queensland

Area: 49,000m2

Hanceys Turf were selected to supply Turf and sports field services as part of the construction of the new Harmony Sports Complex.


We had been contracted to Blecavate 20,000 sqm of sports fields ready for Laser grading. The Blecavator de-compacts soil, buries any rock and debris and acts as basically a high speed revers rotatry hoe that is like screening soil in-situ.

Laser grading
We had our medium sized laser bucket (2,5m wide/5m3 caacity) onsite laser grading approx. 60,000 m2 of areas of sports fields, drains and surrounds.

Turf supply
The turf required was 25,000m2 of Premium Wintergreen for the playing surfaces 15,000 m2 Wintegreen for surrounds and 9,000m2 Oztuff for a playing field.

Prior to be awarded and delivering the turf to site the turf production paddocks were inspected and set aside for this project. Once we had paddocks selected we could focus a program to suit the end use.
The client originally wanted big rolls, however after discussions they would also get to understand the benefits of using slabs with the current technology.

A few reasons why slabs are preferred:

New turf harvested are all automated so no human error, no human or contaminated soil can come in contact with the turf.

We can harvest twice as fast with new automatic slab machines

At the maximum install rate we can install up to 10,000m a day if required with slabs vs 4,000m2 rolls

We can fit an extra 300m2 per Semi load

As slabs can be harvested thinner than Maxi rolls this equates to faster establishment (less dirt/thinner the turf is the quicker it takes root)

Harmony Sports field prior to start

The turf was installed in a 10 week period with an average of 3,000m2 per day. We would keep 2 low ground pressure floatation tractors onsite at install stage 1 was fitted with a levelling bar to keep areas all prepared and this tractor would also tow the smooth drum roller at the end of each day. The second tractor would service as our haul out tractor to layout the pallets of turf for our installers. We have a policy of not having Moffett forklifts on the prepared sportsfield areas so not to damage the fields.

All turf was always harvested, delivered and installed with a 18 hr window which was vital in the middle of summer in QLD.

Finish after 1 pass with Blecavator

The mid-sized 5m3 laser bucket used on site.

Final brush over with a level bar prior to turfing

The Low Ground pressure tractors used onsite.

Turf being harvested fresh for Harmony sports fields

2 Weeks after Installation

Rolling the established turf 6 weeks after install prior to top dressing