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Clive Berghofer field rebuild

Toowoomba, Queensland

Area: 9,000m2

Hanceys turf recently completed a sports field build at Toowoomba’s Clive Berghofer stadium

Working for Mondo Constructions and BAS (Building and Asset Services) with the stadium management team, Hanceys turf were contracted to re build the existing field, improving the drainage and wear characteristics of the Clive Berghofer stadium field. Being 25 years old and having had significant usage the current field was uneven, poor grass coverage and unplayable after moderate rainfall. The brief was to re use the current red clay site soil which the client and consultant were keen to do. Obviously this was a cost saving measure but also the soil indidunous to the area is nutrient rich and has good structure when compaction is managed correctly.

Drainage at 10 meter centres was added to the subgrade and a new sprinkler system installed using Hunter I25 sprinklers heads at 18 meters apart. The subsoil was completely de compacted to a depth of 500cms by ripping and using Hanceys blecavator then laser graded with a 1% fall to surrounding Swale drains with a 10mm tolerance. Various soil conditioners were added including Gypsum, lime and Ronstar pre emergent prior to turfing. The turf selected for the job was Kikuyu due to its year round colour and performance characteristics. Toowoomba’s temperature varies from 38 degrees on a summers day to minus 5 degrees on a winter night so changing from couch to kikuyu was the obvious option. All works were completed in a 5 week window with a further 10 week maintenance grow in period to follow.

Preparing site

Machine control guided levelling of the playing surface


Top dressing

Drainage design