Having an attractive lawn or field begins long before any maintenance or renovation takes place. The most crucial step to having beautiful, thick grass is selecting the right turf variety for the space.

A number of factors including sunlight, climate, traffic, and drainage can all influence your decision, so it is extremely important to research which types of grass are suited to your location before you install that new lawn.

Choosing the Right Turf

Make sure you consider all the key points before purchasing and installing your turf. Ask yourself:

  • Where is the turf going?
  • What will the area be used for?
  • How many hours of sunlight does the area receive each day?
  • Will the turf be likely to experience frosts?
  • What is the soil quality like?
  • Will there be any drainage issues?

Once you have reflected on these, you can find a type of turf to suit your specific needs. If you aren’t sure which variety would be best, or you feel you need some guidance, give our turf experts a call on 1800 761 334 today.

Turf Solutions for Any Project

As experts in the industry, the team at Hancey’s Turf has experience in everything from backyards and front lawns to council parks and large-scale sporting projects. We understand the benefits of each variety of turf as well as their maintenance needs. All you have to do is ask, and we can help you manage the entire turfing process, giving you a quality result you will love.

Turf and Grass Varieties & Selections

The worlds #1 selling brand of Buffalo grass $9.90/m²


A tough Zoysia turf that needs less mowing $9.90/m²


Economical option for home or commercial surfaces $4.70/m²


Hard wearing for high profile sporting facilities $6.50/m²


Premium Soft Leaf Buffalo specifically selected for the QLD Climate. $9.50/m²