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Samford Sports Precinct

Dakabin, Queensland

Area: 7,000m2

Hanceys Turf was engaged by Naric Civil pty ltd to look after all the turfing and associated works to construct one high quality Soccer field, 3 smaller fields as well as the surrounds at the Samford Parklands football precinct. Naric Civil was contracted for the whole project by Moreton Bay Council.

The start of the project started by us having to select a paddock of turf for the whole project, 50,000 sqm for the whole sports complex. The main playing field is 10,000 sqm of washed big rolls while the smaller 3 fields and surrounds are just standard turf. All the turf had been specified to come from a single sourced paddock. Turf Certification and Inspections were carried out over the grow in process with a stringent growing regime adhered to. The turf inspection and certification was to confirm- purity
of strain, absence of weeds, consistent density of sward and adequate turf health free from diseases, insects and nematodes deleterious to the health of the turf. The turf consultant on this project was Peter Seemos from Global Turf Solution.

All the onsite works was overseen by one of Hanceys Turf project managers, Mark Patterson. The works on site had to be surveyed and marked out prior to a grader doing a rough in of the sub grade on the fields. The grader got the fields within 50 mm tolerances, then with a laser bucket doing the final trim work to get the final levels to +or- of 10 mm tolerance. The grades on the sub grade were specified to have 1.4 % fall (1 in 70) Tony Thackeray done the laser grading works. Once the sub grade met approval we applied and incorporated gypsum. Application rate was 5 tonnes a hectare which was ripped and rotary hoed into the soil profile to a depth of 200 mm. A small final trim was once done again to maintain specs of sub grade to its 10mm tolerances. Another survey and inspection was carried out before the installation of the drainage system commenced.

The lateral drainage system was installed with 100mm ag lines spaced at 5 mtr centres running at 45 degree from the main lines. Next in the process was the installation of the Irrigation System which was Carried out by Total Eden. The complete system was installed and irrigation heads buried and survey plotted so the final layers of soil can be imported in with damage no damage to the irrigation system.

We then started to Import USDA specified Turf Sand. This material came from River Sands. The material was specified to be imported and laser levelled at two layers of 125mm each layer, the top layer had peat blended into it. A total of 250 mm (compacted) of growing medium imported with regular testing at every 250m3, the material compacted to about about 68-70 % from its loose bulk delivered quantity. Both layers were pushed out over the top of each other so not to disturb the previous layer. We use 5 tonne rubber tracked possi tracks with a laser bucket doing the final grade maintaining the 1.4% grade.

Throughout the stringent construction process all fields had witness and check points to maintain the high standards of the specifications. After the final laser level of the final layer of sand had been trimmed and irrigation heads been lifted a Clegg and infiltration test was carried out to make sure correct compaction levels reached and infiltration rates are correct. A final survey inspection was carried out to confirm all levels and surface was ready for turf.

Fertiliser was applied and ready for turf we Installed 10,000 sqm of washed big rolls were installed in 1 mtr x 25 mtr big rolls at rate of a bit over 3000 sqm a day. Once the turf was harvested it was, washed and installed within a 24hr period. It took 3 days to install the main field while all other areas were installed at a rate of 4000 sqm a day.

On the washed turf the watering program was engaged with each station set for 6 mins every hour, 24 hours a day during the install process and for the first week, this was critical to keep the washed turf in healthy condition.

After the construction process was carried out Hanceys Turf was also engaged to do carry out a Maintenance period for 12 weeks. Mark Patterson was also in charge for the maintenance program.

After that and to have final Acceptance, the root depth must be at 200mm and also supply our clients with maintenance manual for the playing surfaces.

Through this period we had been commission to do the following:

  • Top dressing, with 10 mm turf sand
  • Fertilising
  • Mowing 30 mm, maintain height at 30mm
  • Weed and pest Controls- keep playing surfaces free of any weeds and pests
  • Rolling- Firm surfaces through the consolidation period
  • Soil ph- maintain soil ph to 6-7
  • Core Testing- to monitor root growth