Main field rebuild – Spring 2014

Site setup
Initial Site setup includes:

  • GPS plotting of the field
  • GPS pickup of the field to create a design model
  • Temporary fencing
  • Dust control fencing
  • Location of services
  • Applications of Glyphosate

Site preparation

  • Importing fill and top soil, levelled in 150mm layers
  • Shaping of field
  • Cultivation with Blecavator to specified depths
  • 100mm Conduit at 600mm depth
  • Under road pipe, headwalls and road base

Field preparation

  • Final trim and laser level
  • Perforated pipe in swale drains with gravel and capped with sand
  • Turf delivered to site ready to start installing

Turf production and harvesting
Turf produced and harvested at the farm. Prior to harvesting the turf received a applications of :

  • Turf Starter Poly Plus fertiliser
  • Accelepryn Insecticide
  • Kelp liquid seaweed extract
  • Irrigated during harvesting to minimise turf plant stress

Turf Installation stage
Turf was installed, cut in, rolled and watered in over 2 days.

Project updates

  • Cross rolling new turf
  • New irrigation line in operation
  • 5 days after turf installed, turf settled and roots engaged


  • Top dressing with TS2000 Turf Sand
  • 2 Weeks post fertilising and top dressing
Link to Project File