If the area you are turfing has been thoroughly prepared, the next step is installing your turf. Turf installation takes patience, care and attention to detail. Here are our tips for effective lawn installation:

  1. Be timely: Lay your turf as soon as it arrives. The longer you leave the turf sitting in rolls or strips, the more it will dry out. Watering while it is stored will not help at all. Your turf will lose colour and become stressed; the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get it established on the ground.
  1. Lay your turf: Place your lawn on the ground – be logical to reduce wastage. Set it in a brickwork pattern instead of having all of the joins line up. The ends of each strip tend to dry out a bit, and one big line of slightly-brown grass can be quite obvious. Place the sides and ends together firmly, being careful not to stretch or overlap any of the grass. If you have any curved edges or gardens to work around, use a sharp knife to cut the excess.
  1. Roll your turf: Rolling your turf removes air pockets, reduces unevenness and ensures good contact with the soil. Use a lawn rolling tool for best results.
  1. Water: Watering your new lawn properly is key to helping it establish quickly and trigger the fertiliser. You will need to keep your lawn wet for a while – aim to keep the root zone saturated for about 2 weeks. After this you can reduce it to once a week until it is fully established.
  1. Mowing: The final step is the first mow – this must not be done until the roots have grown in, which has usually happened by around 4 weeks post-laying. Check this easily by trying to lift a section. If it lifts at all, postpone mowing until it no longer lifts. Mowing before the roots have grown in is likely to result in ripping the grass up and damaging the lawn. Keep this mow high and just take the top off the grass.

For the best results, make sure you hire quality turf installers – the reliable team at Hancey’s Turf can help you out with all of your grass installation needs. We can cater for all jobs, from 10 sqm to 10,000 sqm per day. Whether it’s a courtyard or a commercial sporting project, we have the resources to make the job go smoothly.

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