Q1. What are the dimensions and weights of turf slabs, rolls and pallets?

  • Turf Slab sizes are .72m2 sq per slab with dimesions of 600mm wide and 1200mm long
  • Maxi/Big Rolls are 20sqm each roll is 1m wide by 20 m long
  • Slab weights 3-4 kg
  • Maxi/Big Roll weights 400 kg
  • 50 mtr pallet weights 800 kg (approx)
  • Turf is slabbed on pallets

Q2. How do I calculate the total square metres of turf that I require?

  • To measure areas for turf quantity go Length x Width, or if it is an awkward shape break it down into smaller squares and rectangles, then do the length x width and add up all the measurements to give you the total sqm area for turfing.

Q3. What do I need to prepare for laying new turf?

  • Turf thickness is approximately 20mm so prepare areas 20mm below the finished level.
  • Gypsum can be added to soil before laying to condition the soil.
  • Fertilise before laying turf, it will not burn.

Q4. How can i maintain a nice healthy lawn?

  • For a nice lawn apply fertiliser at least 4 times per year.
  • Recommended fertilisers are Eco 88, Scotts Lawn Builder, Dynamic Lifter.
  • It is important to water in fertilisers so they do not burn the leaves off.

Q5. How soon do I need to lay the turf after delivery?

  • Turf must be laid within 12 hrs of delivery, the earlier it is laid and watered then the less stressed the turf will have resulting in a better lawn. Tell people to section their yard off when installing turf i.e. do back yard fist, lay, roll and water then move onto the front yard.

Q6. How long does it take to lay turf?

  • Average pallet has 50 sqm on it.
  • Average person lays 50 sqm in 1hour.

Q7. How do I know if have lawn grubs and how do I treat them?

  • Lawn grubs are active if you see birds on lawn, moths flying about, small eggs under the eves of your house.
  • Treat lawn grubs with products such as – Lorsban, and Bifenthrin, or a recommended product from your landscape or nursery yard.
  • It is important to water lawn grub control products into the soil profile.

Q8. How do I get rid of weeds?

  • Pick weeds out of small areas by hand.
  • Broadleaf weeds in buffalo i.e.- Palmetto, Grand Royal, use Bromocide.
  • Broadleaf weeds in couches use Kamba M.
  • Grassy weeds pull out by hand.
  • Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch use Sempra in all varieties.
  • Or ask your local garden centre.
  • Always read and follow label rates on the lawn care product.
  • Quotations are carried out for larger commercial/sports jobs.

Q9. Does Hancey’s turf sell turf seeds for domestic lawns?

  • We do not produce turf seeds for domestic lawns.

Q10. Does top soil levels drop on the turf farm?

  • On our turf farm the top soil levels don’t drop as we are always incorporating organic product and with the added root mass of the turf plant the levels stay the same.

Q11. How much dirt should be on the turf?

  • Turf is best with just a small amount of dirt on it, not too much so turf is too heavy or not too little so that turf is falling apart. It should have a nice thin cover over any roots.

Q12. How do I install turf, and what is necessary during and after installation?

  • We recommend hiring lawn rollers which are available from hire shops for around $20 a day.
  • After the first few mowings it is recommended to top dress your lawn to help it knit in and fill any joints and low spots. Roughly use 1 mtr of top soil sand to 100 sqm of lawn.

Q13. When is the best time of year to install turf?

  • Turf can be installed 12 months of the year in QLD
  • Benefit of laying turf in winter is doesn’t require as much water as its not as hot.
  • Benefit of laying turf in summer is that it takes root quicker

Q14. What is the turnaround time from order to delivery?

  • Placing orders – 2 day turnaround or if we quiet 24 hrs.

Q15. What are the most suitable turf grasses for shade?

  • Shade grasses- Palmetto, Grand Royal.(refer to Turf Comparison Chart)

Q16. Does the weather affect harvesting, or the time it may take to deliver my order?

  • Turf cant be harvested in wet weather as turf breaks, is weak and heavy to handle, and also creates an unworkable site on the farm and on the site. People are always unhappy when they can’t get turf due to wet weather, but if it is wet at our turf farm, chances are the other farms are usually in the same situation. So in general we don’t miss out on the order as the other farms are unable to harvest also.

Q17. Will my turf be delivered on a Maxi / Big Roll?

  • Maxi / Big Rolls only used on jobs over 5000 sqm

Q18. Can I pay by credit card?

  • Credit Card payments are accepted, and must be phoned through to Hancey’s turf as our truck doesn’t carry onboard transaction machines.

Q19. What are PBR Grasses?

  • PBR grasses are more expensive due to the improved varieties that have been getting bred up over time and have licence and royalty costs added onto the cost to the production of the grasses. PBR grassesare regestered under the plant breaders act and are improved specialised cultivated turf varieties breed for specific growing conditions.

Q20. How do I maintain a healthy lawn on water restrictions?

  • Hanceys Turf recommends to maintain a healthy lawn in water restriction either have a water truck service or set up a sprinkler system to run of a rain water tank to keep your lawn thick, green, lush and healthy as all plants are living things and do require some water to stay alive. Even the best drought tolerant turf can only withstand a certain time without water.

Q21. What are Hancey’s Turf delivery areas?

  • Delivery areas – North to Gympie, west to Kingaroy and south to the Gold Coast, Aust wide for commercial quantities.

Q22. Does turf have to be delivered on pallets?

  • No, Turf can be delivered by a pallet less system.

Q23. Forklift and Measurements FAQ

  • Forklifts are 4wd all terrain
  • Forklifts are 1.2 wide an1.8 mtr wide
  • Delivery drivers do not carry change if paying by cash so please have correct money available.
  • Forklifts weight 2 T plus turf.
  • Ute can fit 50 sqm, Ute and trailer- 3 pallets 150 sqm-(hand unload)
  • Small truck- 2 pallets, truck and trailer can do 4 pallets up to 240 sqm (hand unload)
  • Semi Trailer can do 20 pallets up to1200 mtr loads with 60 mtr pallets including forklift
  • B Double can do 30 pallets up to 1800 sqm at 60 sqm inc forklift

10 metres – 11 yards
100 metres -110 yards
500 metres -550 yards

1ha -0,000 sqm
1ha -2.4 acres

1ac – 4000sqm
1ac – 0.4ha

Q24. What is the approximate requirements for sporting surfaces?

Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer require roughly 10,000 sqm including surrounds.
AFL ovals can require between 15,000 to 20,000 sqm.


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